About Us

We are a team of technical analysists who has been into Crytpo, Forex and various Equity markets since 2012. Our team believes in technical measurements of the markets than on news based movements which in general are sold to public after the pumps or dumps.

Our experts have hands on experience starting from Support-Resistance, EMA, Fib Ext, Fib Retracement, Time based Fib, Patterns, Waves and Volume Profiles. Based on these calculations, our team of experts were able to design a stunning script which easily calculates and derives Whale’s daily Support – Resistance zones. *This is made as an easy indicator for public use; which has to be co-related with Stoch RSI to get more probable reversal or breakout zone.

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Free Calls on Telegram Group

Join our Telegram group to enjoy free technical calls daily (subjected to market conditions). Link to our community: https://t.me/freecryptotechnicals

Whale's Buy Sell Areas

With our rocking software, get the Whale’s buying and selling zones. You can feel the difference – either a reversal or breakout from that region.

Token For Technical Analysis

FCCT is the first utility token for technical analysis of cryptos. You can support us by picking it fromPancakeSwap:


How It Works

Our project is very simple; we offer free technical views of cryptos with proper buy – sell ranges for spot and futures markets. Yes, you would get a SL and the risk management has to be considered as well. Free calls will be posted on our Telegram group. If you are interested on a further business with us either for premium calls or for Whale’s buy-sell zone software – sure we are happy to extend our service. However, we would charge some currency for it, not as USDs or USDTs. But we would request you to buy some FCCT tokens from PancakeSwap.

Please keep in mind that free service will always be in place. The paid service are for people who would like to join hands with us as an investor and also will be end user of our software. Donations are always welcomed!!!

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Whale's Buy-Sell Software Performance

Please find below for our Software’s exiting and outstanding breakout/reversal performance from Whale’s Buy-Sell zone. When our Software is used along Stoch RSI, a better and more probable results can be obtained.

Trading Within Range

Range Breakout

Range Breakdown

Avoid False Breakout